Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stop Procrastinating

So far I haven't written anything else for my drawing project, mostly because I haven't done anything yet! I initially had ideas I suppose about this wonderfully flowing blog that would show my every step of this project. But still I haven't actually started any drawing! I have a list of things, that, in my head I must do before I start the project, and the problem is this list just seems to keep growing.
It's not all bad though, I have now actually got decent pictures of my work, I have an online presence and I've applied for things that I have been meaning to for over a year now and all of this has lead to some positive stuff.
I have in some ways started the project, I have done some research, found some inspirational images, read up on different drawing practices and ideas and so on and so on! But let's face it I've just been procrastinating, and have been for over a year now. But as deadline loom nearer it's time to get on with it!
As for my blog, I need to get rid of the idea of this perfectly flowing form, like a story and start to learn to think aloud, as this is what will be most beneficial to me right now.
So here's hopping .....

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