Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Start of a new project!

So it is over a year now since I graduated. I've done a bit of this and a bit of that, mostly trying to figure out what to do now! So after lots of trial and error, and ending up down a few to many dead ends, my head seems somewhat clearer about my way forward. So here I am, going right back to the beginning!

My Project:
 Learning to draw again and challenging the idea of what constitutes a drawing.
 I want to explore the importance of drawing, not just for the sake drawing but for all art practices. I want people to broaden their views to the meaning of ‘drawing’ and of what a drawing can be.
What set me onto the path of ‘learning to draw’ (again) was realizing I hadn’t actually drawn anything for a long time, even in my last year of university, so when I came to actually make some drawings they left a lot to be desired.
At first I will be using traditional drawing materials such as pencil and charcoal, possibly trying pen, I will then move into using other materials such as paint, digital and 3D to explore further what a drawing is.
To begin with I expect the process will be quite methodical, using pencil to create drawings in quite technical and accurate ways, for example measured drawings, working from photographs etc.
I will then move onto working with charcoal and hopefully the drawings will become looser and more expressive.


  1. I used to be an acrylic painter then swapped to pencil drawing. My pieces have to be tight because of the subject, so I tried doing some 'loose' painting just for the hell of it, and I must say, I find it really difficult...

  2. All the best with it. drawing is good. Dont judge yourself at the start. just do it. keep an eye on what it is you're aiming to do in each drawing... eg if it's from observation it could be just shape... but is that conveyed with just tone or do you use just line? etc etc

    I find that I discover what I am interested in by starting. draw anything and you will begin to know what to draw but dont judge too soon.