Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Final Degree Work

This series of paintings are large in scale but their effect is that of watercolour, with a subtle appearance, that gives them a calming meditative effect. They are made up of subtle textures, built up with veil-like washes that 'stain' the canvas.
The paintings have been created using microscopic images that we are not overly familiar with, that have been blown up to a massive scale so they become totally removed from their original context, and cross referenced with a variety of familiar images creating a familiarity to the paintings where the viewer can 'see' something in them.
The calming, abstract feel of the paintings is what I see as the viewers initial reaction; it is then up to the viewer if they are to stay with this initial reaction and take the paintings at face value, or if they are to go further and understand what they are really about. How does this alter their original perception of the work and their feelings toward it? Moving from calming, delicate images to the realization that the paintings might be something somewhat more unsavory than first imaged.


.........and a few close up snaps

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