Monday, 24 October 2011

Nearly there.....

Almost there now! yep I have completed 28 hours of my 30 hours of blind drawings, so thought I would give a quick update of how things have been going with a few select pictures.
Sometimes I have found it quite relaxing but sometimes it has been the exact opposite! I have drawn my boots many many times, although there is only so many times I can draw them! Therefore I have drawn anything and everything, things around my home, people on the bus, at a portrait class and so on,I have come across a particular favorite though which is making drawings from fashion magazines! - maybe something to look into in the future.
My confidence with drawing seems to be improving already and at least I'm back to holding my pencil properly - rather than gripping it as though I have some great fear of it. I have been working quite small though, A5 to A4, which I am finding a little bit restrictive, which means its time to start working bigger for the last couple of hours.
So with that quick update here are some pictures and I'm off to complete my 2 hours.........

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