Monday, 17 October 2011

'Blind Drawings'

To begin my drawing project I have been doing a series of 'blind' drawings - as in not looking at the paper at all whilst completing the drawing, concentrating totally on the subject.
Before I started these drawings I was flicking though 'Experimental drawing' by Robert Kaupelis, looking at some of the suggestions, but nothing really grabbed me, until I came across a sentence stating that,
     '...I am suggesting to you is that your first 20 or 30 hours of contour drawing is to be done completely blind.' (Kaupelis)
This I took as a challenge!
So far I have completed 17 hours of these drawings, some of which are interesting to say the least. It will be interesting to see what they look like by the end of the 30 hours!
 I have found that on some (probably many, if I'm honest) of these drawings I am quite lazy. The idea is to make slow drawings, 'look at your subject, one line or form at a time, and force yourself to believe that your pencil is touching the form you're attempting to draw'. I definitely know that I don't do this sometimes. The other thing I notice is the way I hold my pencil some times, which is definitely not good, gripping it to hard, like writing with a Biro in a way that I don't have much control over the pressure applied.
So at least so for I have learnt somethings!
Even though I loathe to put them up, here is a selection of the drawings I have made.......

Blind drawing - Boots,1

Blind drawing - Boots, 2

Blind drawing - Boots, 3

Blind drawing - Boots, 4

Blind drawing - Boots, 5

Blind drawing - Boots, 6

Blind drawing - Still life

Blind drawing - Feet

Blind drawing - Marbles, 1

Blind drawing - Marbles, 2

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  1. Nice work. I like the look of the boots ; )