Thursday, 24 November 2011

A small update on my work

So I have actually being doing quite a lot of drawing, and I think my project is coming along quite nicely now :)
Here are a few examples from my sketch book .....

This first one is an attempt to use weight of line to give the drawing form, by indicating where shadows are with darker lines and the lights with, well, a lighter line. Although I do like this drawing on the whole I need to work on this a bit because I don't think I've got enough variation in the line.

This second one is similar to the first but I've introduced some tone, again something I need to work on some more as it seems a bit wishy washy, and kind of just unstructured scribbles. :/

This last one I do like though! I'm not sure if cropped pictures like this one will fit into the series that I'm planning, but I'll definitely be doing a complete drawing like this one!

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